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Accident Injury Lawsuit

If you are facing a lawsuit concerning an accident injury claim against you, the law office of Arata, Swingle, Van Egmond & Goodwin can help. We provide experienced defense to clients in danger of having their assets or their business seized to pay for damages in a car accident or other kind of accident injury. If you are uninsured, underinsured or your insurance company just does not cover the damage, you need to speak one of our accident injury attorneys who can protect your interests.


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From our Modesto, California, law office, our accident injury attorneys handle legal matters for clients throughout Northern California. Our accident injury attorneys in Modesto CA represent homeowners, car owners, restaurant owners, medical professionals and other insurance policy holders who have encountered accident injury or premises liability claims against them. We understand the concerns of our clients:


We Are Straightforward

Our accident injury attorneys in Modesto CA place a special emphasis in insurance law and accident injury law. We can help you understand your rights as a defendant in an accident injury claim. We can help you gain a clear picture of potential outcomes of your case. We can suggest to you courses of action that may be in your best interest. We can provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your future.

Informed Clients Make Better Clients. We have found that our clients feel relieved to know what could potentially happen.

Resolve Your Claim Quickly and Cost-Effectively

We aim to resolve your claim as quickly and cost-effectively as is possible. Our accident injury attorneys in Modesto CA will review every aspect of the accident report, analyze your insurance policy, investigate the claimants and build the strongest case we can in your defense. If the claimant has sued others ten times in the course of two years or the injuries aren’t serious at all, this will all come to light in a case.

Our goal is to avoid paying any money out at all for an invalid accident injury claim or to reasonably settle a legitimate accident injury claim.

The Accident Injury Attorneys in Modesto CA to Call for Help

We are the accident injury attorneys in Modesto CA to call when you need experienced, focused and well-reasoned advocacy from determined, professional accident injury attorneys in Modesto CA. To talk about your specific legal concerns, please call (209) 522-2211 or e-mail.