Family Lawyer in Stanislaus County, CA

Stanislaus County is located in the Central Valley region of Northern California. The county is home to the city of Modesto, its county seat, and includes the Modesto Metropolitan Statistical Area. It was established in 1854 after being created from part of Tuolumne County.


Stanislaus County, which is an estimated 1,500 square miles, is home to nearly 525,500 people. Approximately half of the county’s residents are female, and the median resident age is 32 years. The county is considered to be more urban than rural, with only 8% of the population identifying as rural communities. Stanislaus County has approximately 166,883 households – around 3 persons per household, and has a slightly lower median household income than the state of California at $49,297.


Stanislaus County is primarily driven by the local agriculture industry, with wine grapes leading as the primary agricultural product. Northern California is known for its agriculture industry, with the Central Valley region of the state considered to be some of the richest farmland in the country. Vineyards, food processing and tourism continue to be major economic catalysts for Stanislaus’ economy.

Stanislaus, like it’s communities, is neither white nor-blue collar, with many county residents employed in a variety of professions. While agriculture employs many who live in Stanislaus County, industries including high tech, aerospace and manufacturing bring many jobs to the region. .

Stanislaus County is home to many residents and properties. The state of California is known as a community property state, which sometimes becomes the focal point of property division cases.

Property Division

In the state of California, property that is acquired during the course of marriage is usually categorized as community property. When a couple divorces, the division of property becomes a key issue that carries financial implications. Property division issues come in many forms, including property characterization disputes, valuation of family-owned business, division of personal property, and division of retirement or investment funds.

If you are divorcing and both parties are unable to reach a mutual agreement regarding property division, your family law attorney is best equipped to make a convincing case on your behalf.

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