Deadbeat Dad Jailed — Faked Disability and Death to Avoid Child Support

An interview with a man who revealed how he avoided paying child support in past years went viral and led to his arrest and imprisonment.

Prosecutors acted upon watching the video and started gathering evidence which was readily available on the delinquent father’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. The man, who is also an aspiring rapper, stated in the interview that he stopped paying child support to his daughter after he claimed he was disabled in a car accident, or faked his own death. He owed more than $10,000 in back child support and interest.

Proof Against Deadbeat Dad

Records show that he only paid $100 in child support when his daughter was born, but later managed to avoid paying more after he claimed that he was disabled after an auto accident in 2010. Prosecution showed evidence that contradicted his claims of disability in 2011 and 2013, which proof consisted of pictures of the defendant partying in clubs and flashing cash.

At one time, the defendant served time in a correctional facility and obtained a work release during his sentence. He worked in an automotive shop 5 days a week, but he still failed to pay child support at the time. After his arrest, the defendant managed to raise more than $10,000 to settle the support, interest and fees that he owed.

He remained in jail though to serve his 60-day jail time for charges stemming from his wilful failure to pay child support.

Remedies When Parent Fails to Make Child-Support Payments

Failure to pay child support can have serious consequences. If the parent ordered to provide support fails to pay, the amount due is subject to interest, which will continue to accrue until the obligation is fully paid and child support payments are updated.

Another remedy for enforcing child support is the civil remedy of garnishment, which attaches to the monthly wages of the defendant and automatically pays out the amount of child support stated in the court order. In more challenging situations, if the court finds that the defendant is able to provide support but wilfully evades payment, he may be ordered to pay support ‘in contempt of court’, resulting in some jail time.

If you are contemplating a separation or divorce, discussing child support arrangements with a family law attorney can provide valuable legal direction in pursuing child support.

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