Manteca Employee Handbooks and Manuals

Manteca Employee handbooks and manuals are an necessary tool in the workplace. A properly drafted employee handbook will inform employees of employer expectations, policies, and procedures. Also, Manteca employee handbooks and manuals inform employees of what they can expect from employers. A poorly written employee handbook or manual may increase the risk of litigation for employers while a well-written handbook or manual may greatly limit an employer’s liability should a dispute in the workplace arise. Therefore, it is important that the drafter understand employment laws. Our employment law attorney can help your business draft Manteca employee handbooks and manuals that are clear and conform with the law.

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The Importance of Manteca Employee Handbooks and Manuals

An effective employee handbook or manual will both inform employees about what employees can expect from the employer and can also protect the employer. For example, a well-drafted employee handbook or manual covers disciplinary policies and actions that may serve to protect an employer from unemployment claims. Employment manuals and handbooks that are drafted correctly could greatly minimize an employer’s liability if an employee sues for sexual harassment or discrimination. Our employment law defense attorneys can assist your organization in drafting and implementing an employee handbook that minimizes the risk of future litigation.

Employee handbooks or manuals should address:

  • Conflicts of interest that may arise
  • Confidential Information
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Work Schedules
  • Employee Conduct and Chain of Command
  • Dispute Resolution Process
  • Employee Safety and Security
  • Computer and Technology Policies
  • Media Relations
  • Absence and Leave Policies
  • Discrimination Policies

An employee manual or handbook should include a progressive disciplinary policy. It is critical that the employer follow the policy as laid out in the employee handbook. A reminder that employees are at-will employees and can be terminated at any time should also be included as well as provisions stating that the handbook does not provide contractual rights to employees.

Our Manteca Employee Handbooks and Manuals Drafting Services

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