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Modesto Business Disputes

Even the most minor business dispute can lead to litigation. A quick out of court resolution to a business dispute is not always possible. It helps when the parties can work together to resolve a business dispute, but this is not always the case. Mediation and arbitration are alternatives to litigation. However, these alternatives may not always be in the best interests of the parties involved. There are situations where the parties cannot come to a meeting of the minds and retaining a Modesto business law law firm becomes necessary.

Character of Your Business in Modesto

The manner in which your business was formed plays an integral role in how the business handles legal issues. A corporation, by law, requires the assistance of a licensed attorney to prosecute or defend against legal claims in court. The owners of sole proprietorships and partnerships may be held personally liable for the debts and obligations of a business. The officers and directors of a corporation owe a duty of loyalty and a duty of care to a corporation and can be held liable for violating these duties.

Regardless of the character of your business, it is recommended that you consult with a diligent, knowledgeable and experienced Modesto business law law firm when your business encounters a legal dispute. The very existence of your business may be in jeopardy. The Modesto Business law law firm of Arata, Swingle, Van Egmond & Goodwin understands that your business is your livelihood and will provide zealous advocacy to protect your investment.

Business Litigation Clients

Our firm’s business litigation clients engage in a wide range of business activities and consist of sole proprietors to publicly traded corporations. Some of the industries that our business litigation clients do business in, include:

  • Agricultural Industry
  • Business Services
  • Commercial Suppliers
  • Retail Industry
  • Real Estate
  • Telecommunications Industry
  • Technology Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Medical Supply Industry
  • Healthcare Services Industry
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry

We understand, no matter the size of your business, that protecting the business’ assets and preserving the good reputation of the company are your main goals. If your business is anticipating litigation, you need to speak with a Modesto business law law firm who knows the law.

Our Business Litigation Practice

Arata, Swingle, Van Egmond & Goodwin brings to the courtroom over 60 years of combined experience in business litigation matters. Our business law attorneys are well versed in the practices and procedures required to prevail when litigating a business dispute. Our firm is small so that we may focus on you, the client. We are well respected by our clients and it shows. Most of our business comes from word of mouth referrals.


If you need sound legal advice from an experienced Modesto business law law firm, call our business litigation lawyers at (209) 522-2211 or contact us here.