Modesto Family Law Attorney

Economic times are tough and everyone’s finances are squeezed. If you are hiring a Modesto family law attorney to handle a divorce, child custody or other family law problem, you naturally want to know that you’re getting sound advice and effective representation for your money.

The law offices of Arata, Swingle, Van Egmond & Goodwin are recognized as a prominent Modesto, California, law firm with experienced, skilled attorneys you can put your trust in. We have a Modesto family law attorney that knows how important your legal matter is to you. We also know that money is always an issue. That’s why we will go to extra lengths to find solutions to your family law issue that make sense now, and into your future.

We Don’t Promise the World. We Deliver the Best Possible Outcome.

Contact our offices about any California family law matter, including:

  • Divorce and property settlements: From simple divorce, with very few areas of contention, to complex property settlements involving business valuation, securities and spousal maintenance, we have an experienced Modesto family law attorney that can offer intelligent strategies for helping you get through the process with your rights and your financial interests protected.
  • Child custody, parenting rights and child support: Conditions and financial circumstances change in peoples’ lives. If you need to address your legal concerns about your custody agreement, visitation schedule or your child support obligation, we can help. We also represent parents who are seeking to enforce their visitation rights and child support obligations.
  • Other family law services: We provide a full range of services relating to California family law, including prenuptial agreements, domestic partnership agreements and step-parent adoptions. Does experience really make a difference? Ask yourself if you want to head into your future just hoping the legal issues were handled correctly. We’ll make sure of it.

Tough Judges, Fair Decisions

California family law is strict and tough when it comes to divorce agreements and child custody issues. Judges don’t like to bend unless there is a compelling reason to set things right. When you sit down to talk to one of our attorneys, we’ll make a deal with you. Give us the honest, fair and compelling reasons to get the outcome you are seeking. We will use all of our experience, skill and knowledge to fight to make it happen.

“You may not always appreciate hearing the straightforward, honest answers. But when the final gavel falls, you will know that you had the right Modesto family law attorney steadfastly protecting your legal rights and financial interests throughout your case.” Modesto Family Law Attorney George S. Arata

From our offices in Modesto, our attorneys represent clients in communities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California. Contact us at (209) 522-2211 to arrange an initial consultation with a Modesto family law attorney today.