Safety Tips for Your Summer Road Trips

As summer is fast approaching, there will be more people on the roads at any given time. This is the season to be prepared for anything that can happen while on the road.

Tips before you start on your summer road trips:

1. Stock your car with emergency items in case you break down. These items include canned food, bottled water, jumper cables, a flashlight, and a first aid kit.

2. Check your cars make and model for any new recalls. This will prevent the faulty parts from malfunctioning while you are on your trip.

3. Get your car serviced before you go. This includes getting an oil change, getting your tires rotated, and getting your car washed inside and out.

Tips while you are driving your summer road trips:

1. Stay alert at all times and take frequent breaks. By taking breaks, it allows you to stay focused on the road instead of nodding off or zoning out.

2. Pay attention to bikers and motorcyclists. People on motorcycles, whether it be a Harley or a street bike tend to ride in people’s blind spots. Always double check and ensure you are clear before changing lanes.

3. Always use your blinker. This will signal to other drivers what you plan to do and they can react accordingly.

4. Be extra cautious during a summer rain shower. The roads are the slickest within the first five minutes of a rain storm. Additionally, follow your state’s laws about having your lights and hazards on in a rain storm.

With all these fantastic driving tips for your summer road trips, the most important tip is to always buckle your seat belt. Most states have a hefty fine if the police catch you driving without a seatbelt on. You never know when you will be in a wreck, it can save your life.

Have a fantastic summer and safe travels.