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Does Your Company Have The Proper Insurance Coverage?

How Proper Insurance Coverage Can Help Your Company

If your business employs individuals driving company-owned or employee-owned vehicles in the course of their job duties, depending on the particular circumstances, your business may be held liable for their negligence. The damages that can be awarded as a result of a catastrophic accident are potentially unlimited, therefore it is important that your company hold sufficient insurance to cover this type of situation. Without the proper insurance coverage, your company could be responsible for paying the entire cost your legal defense, settlement or damages if your business if found liable.

If your company employees drive their own vehicles for business purposes you definitely need to review your auto insurance coverage. If such a company-related delivery or errand is done in a vehicle that is not owned by your company and there is an accident, your insurance policy may not cover it. Most businesses have general liability insurance coverage. Many business owners think this policy will cover anything that but most of these types of policies will not cover car accidents.

It is important that you discuss your current insurance coverage with your insurance agent to determine what it covers and what it does not. Most business insurance carriers sell auto insurance policies that will cover your business if your employees drive their own vehicles during the course of their employment.

If one of your employees is involved in an accident while they are working, you should contact an attorney that has significant experience handling these types of cases. Your business is a significant investment and is definitely worth protecting. A lawsuit has the potential of destroying all of your hard work.

The accident injury attorneys at  Arata, Swingle, Van Egmond & Heitlinger place a special emphasis on insurance law and accident injury law. We can help you understand your rights as a defendant in an accident injury claim. We can help you gain a clear picture of the potential outcomes of your case.

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