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Pregnancy Discrimination: Can I Be Fired for Having a Baby?

The Merced Sun-Star recently reported on a pregnancy discrimination story involving a Merced County employer who allegedly told employees that if they got pregnant, they would be fired.

Can My Employer Fire Me for Getting Pregnant?

According to the Merced Sun-Star, after an employee informed an orchid grower that she was pregnant, she was transferred to a new position. The following month, a staff meeting was called where the employer told workers that they were not allowed to have any more babies and if they did get pregnant, they would be fired.

After that meeting, the employer forced the pregnant employee to go on leave even though she was still able to work. Once the employee gave birth to her child, she was still not allowed to return to work even though the orchid grower was hiring new workers. The woman filed a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit. As a result of the suit, the employer will have to pay out $110,000 and eliminate any discriminatory or retaliatory workplace policies.

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