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Essential Tenant Rights You Should Know When Leasing Property

Renting A House? Learn More About California Tenant Rights Laws

If you’re looking to rent property, it’s especially important for you to understand the California tenant rights laws. These laws are put in place to help ensure the landlord-tenant relationship is fair. There are a few things you should know before, during, and after leasing property from a landlord in the state of California.

Understanding these tenant rights is critical in making sure you leasing experience is positive:

  • Discrimination. The Fair Housing Act prohibits landlords from discriminating against potential tenants based on race, age, gender, religion, disability, familial status and ethnicity. Both the state of California and the federal government have laws in place to prevent discrimination.
  • Signing a Lease.  Make sure the document you’re signing includes: the amount of rent, when and where the rent is to be paid, and the amount of the security deposit. These key details can help to minimize disputes between you and your landlord in the future.
  • Living Conditions. Landlords must make the property habitable before you move in. As well, they should make repairs to the property periodically once you move in. While scheduling to make repairs, landlords must give a 24-hour notice before entering the property.
  • Ending your lease agreement. Tenants must be notified three days before eviction proceedings commence for failure to pay rent.  There are a variety of notice requirements for other situations that may arise. Contact the attorneys at Arata, Swingle, Van Egmond & Heitlinger if you have questions about whether you are being treated fairly.

Questions About Tenant Rights? Contact Our Modesto Real Estate Law Attorneys

If you have experienced discrimination or violation of your rights, you may want to talk with an attorney. At Arata, Swingle, Van Egmond & Heitlinger, we work hard to quickly and efficiently settle these kinds of disputes. Contact our Modesto, California firm today at (209) 340-1110 or contact us through our website.

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