Business Litigation

Should a Lawyer Review My Business Purchase Agreement?

Are you selling your business? Are you acquiring a business? Either way, you may wonder, “Should a lawyer review my business purchase agreement?” The short answer is yes. Below, our Modesto business lawyers explain 3 reasons why you should have a lawyer review your purchase of business agreement. What Is … Read More

Do You Know How to Find a Good Business Lawyer?

Every business owner needs a good business lawyer on their side. Business lawyers are invaluable resources when it comes to protecting your company’s assets and safeguarding its future. From handling disputes to employment contracts, a business attorney can help you navigate the challenging business world and prevent disputes from arising. … Read More

When Do You Need a Business Litigation Attorney?

No business owner wants to think of his or her business embroiled in legal disputes. However, in today’s world, businesses often face a variety of issues that can result in conflict and litigation. These legal disputes can inhibit a business and prevent it from growing, remaining competitive, and ultimately succeeding. … Read More

Forming a Business Partnership: Do I need a lawyer?

Do I Need a Lawyer When Forming a Business Partnership? Forming a business partnership can be a simple process. A partnership is simply an agreement between two or more persons to operate a business for profit. The agreement is not required to be in writing to be enforceable, however, not … Read More

California’s New Cannabis Laws for 2018

New Laws for Cannabis In California For 2018 California’s latest cannabis laws passed over the New Year. California became the sixth state in the United States to allow licensed shops to sell marijuana. Anyone with an ID showing they are 21 or older will be able to purchase marijuana, much … Read More

What a Business Can Do Upon a Breach of Contract

Breach of Contract: What To Do Next? Contracts are a large part of owning a business. Most every company has some type of contract whether its with another business entity, a customer, or an employee. Contracts are legally binding documents, meaning trouble arises if one party breaches, or violates, the … Read More