Testimonials From Past Clients

Read What Our Clients Have to Say About Our Litigation and Transactional Lawyers in Modesto

Nothing can be more confusing and frustrating than trying to figure out who to trust when life situations happen. Finding an Attorney that you can trust is not easy and as much as you want to place trust in this person, you will be skeptical. I know this, because this is exactly how I felt.

The following are the facts of my experience:

When I met George Arata for the first time, he said to me that he would be upfront and honest and he was. He said that he wouldn’t settle for anything less than what he thought we deserved, and he did not. He told me that he would always be available through email for any questions that I had, and he was.

If you thinking of going with an upscale Attorney from Beverly Hills or Malibu because you believe that firm will get you a bigger settlement, just think about these things:

The distance between you and your Attorney, will impede your ability to establish a relationship

Example: If your case is filed in Stanislaus or San Joaquin County, your fees to that firm will increase considerably, because your attorney or his/her representative will have to travel to come to you for hearings, mediations, and medical appointments. Any travel, whether it be by car or airline will be expensive and this will mean less money in your pocket. Keep in mind that on top of the Percentage of Attorney fees, you are also responsible for costs incurred.

An Attorney who is located in another city or county, means your communication will be via phone calls (good luck getting someone to return your call in a timely manner), or via email (a large volume of emails means yours can get easily overlooked). My advice is do not put hundreds of miles between you and an Attorney in a time of such delicate nature, and at a time when you need to rely on your Attorney. Keep in mind that If your attorney’s office is local, you can pop in to the firm anytime you want to.

Truth:  I took George Arata at his word, his word was all I had to go on and his word was as good as gold. Tenacious Legal representation is what I got from this firm.  The staff that I came into contact with provided top level customer service and a wealth of knowledge.

I have nothing but good things to say about George Arata and the Law Office of Arata, Swingle, Van Egmond and Heitlinger. I give you my word.

– Graciela Martin


Taking over as an executor of my grandparents Family Trust with limited legal knowledge was very tough and quite stressful. I had multiple people look at the documents to some avail. Colleen Van Egmond put me at ease after reviewing my documents in very short amount of time. I haven’t lost one second of sleep now knowing that everything is as it should be. I can’t thank her enough. Thank you.

– Michael R.


I have been able to refer people to this firm for help and they have all been treated with grace and kindness. I appreciate their knowledge and I appreciate the time they spend on details.

– Leslie K.