Cattle or Crop Loss in California?

Agricultural Law Attorneys Explain Dangers and Protections

Farmers and agricultural operators face challenges now more than ever: large agricultural businesses destroy neighboring crops due to chemical drift while illegal fires damage grazing land to a crippling point for some livestock operations. In short, farmers not only deal with natural disasters but also with negligence from other agricultural operations. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed when you experience crop loss for any reason. However, options may be available to help you mitigate risk and recover losses. If your livestock, crops, land, equipment or other agribusiness asset has been damaged, contact our agricultural law attorneys for help today.

Our Modesto law firm can investigate the details of your crop loss and help determine if another agricultural operation or manufacturer is to blame. The agricultural law attorneys at Arata, Swingle, Van Egmond & Heitlinger focus on staying current with farming laws. As a result, we can find a pragmatic and effective approach to claims against parties. While we cannot bring back your livestock or crops, we can help you pursue compensation for these losses.

What Are Common Causes of Crop Loss?

Generally, herbicides and pesticides are used to increase the yield of crops. However, not all agribusiness producers operate with consideration for their neighbors. As a result, farmers and developers of agricultural products can have their yield reduced due to an unrelated party. Plus, insurance claims can be even more complicated if a disaster is caused by another party. For example, insurance companies may offer a less than a satisfactory settlement if a larger company is involved with your crop loss.

Some common causes of crop loss that our attorneys can handle involve:

  • Weather Disasters: Farms of any size rely on crop insurance to provide relief after disasters. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not always pillars of fairness. Our law firm can protect your best interests in settlement negotiations with insurance companies.
  • Herbicide Exposure: Exposure to herbicides is a decades-old problem for farmers. For instance, until the 1970’s, DDT was used on American roads. A drop of this herbicide can kill a human being as well as contribute to crop loss. Ultimately, agribusiness lawsuits involving herbicide exposure include confusing regulations and complex situations. Fortunately, our agricultural law attorneys can keep you up to date on and explain agricultural law every step of the way.
  • Chemical Spray Drift: Crops that are resistant to chemicals can be beneficial. Unfortunately, sometimes these resistant products are treated with chemicals in close proximity to other products. As a result, chemical spray drift can severely damage your operation. For example, landowners and farmers routinely suffer damages due to chemical drift from dicamba-resistant crops.

What Lands Are at Risk for Crop Loss?

Unfortunately, every agricultural operation is at risk for product or crop loss. While agricultural law exists to set standards to agribusinesses, these laws do not always guarantee honest practices. Our agricultural law attorneys can help you establish business practices that can safeguard your farm. However, there are times when you may not be able to prevent crop loss due to another party. The best way to recover losses due to another agribusiness is to hire an attorney. You should always have a legal professional investigate the details of your case.

There are some operations that can contribute to losses, involving:

  • Crops: Plants that require a large amount of water, such as avocados and soy, can easily be lost for a variety of reasons. Sometimes this is due to uncontrollable weather, and other times a third party may be involved. For example, your land could be dry and fire-intolerant due to another agribusiness operation. Alternatively, there could be an overlooked issue. For example, damage to nearby bee hives can negatively affect your crops.
  • Pastures: Thousands of acres of grazing land have been lost over the years in California. Generally, this is due to fire damage. As a result, livestock can lose their primary food source. Even if your cattle do not die in a blaze, they may succumb to hunger from lack of sustenance from the scorched earth.
  • Forest and Tree Covers: Your agricultural business can suffer from deterioration of forest covers. Without the healthy protection from trees, soil may become eroded. Furthermore, flooding or mudslides can cause damage long after a fire is expunged.

Protecting Your Crops? Contact Our Agricultural Law Attorneys Now

Do you suspect that a nearby agricultural operation is contributing to your crop and/or cattle loss? Is an insurance company limiting your coverage after a natural disaster? Has another agribusiness damaged your product or yield? Agricultural business overlaps with many areas of law and regulations. Without an experienced lawyer, you could face severe limits to your financial freedom.

Our agricultural law attorneys can help draft measures to mitigate risk. Additionally, we can defend you in violation claims or help you identify if another party is liable. As a farmer, you put both job and food on the table for a large part of America. The agricultural law attorneys at Arata, Swingle, Van Egmond & Heitlinger believe you deserve the best representation.

Our success stems from our focus on the individual. We genuinely want to protect your interests and help you continue your agricultural operation. We can review your case and let you know how we can help. Contact our firm at (209) 522-2211 or schedule a consultation through our online form.