Drafting a Contract for Your California Business?

Modesto Business Contract Lawyers Help Companies Prepare

Your business needs a strong reputation and history of stability to not just survive, but thrive. Unfortunately, you may not always be able rely on other entities to protect your business without formal agreements. A handshake agreement with a longtime friend could turn into a lengthy business dispute. A verbal promise may result in unfulfilled responsibilities and deteriorate your business’ brand. Creative and well-crafted legal documents can reduce the risk of legal disputes. Our Modesto business contract lawyers have over 100 years of experience handling business and real estate contracts.

We believe your business contract or real estate agreement should be fair, enforceable, and benefit all parties involved. Our firm focuses on securing favorable terms that will allow you and your business to grow. When we partner with you, we review and draft strategic business contracts. We can modify or review an agreement or contract at any stage. The attorneys at our Modesto office in Stanislaus County know what the courts expect. We can draft an agreement that reflects your company’s objectives and unique circumstances.

Why Prepare a Business Contract?

Careful review and preparation of a contract can help any business. Regrettably, not every business owner or individual considers that they may require professional contract preparation or contract review. There are a wide variety of industries that can benefit from a business contract lawyer. For example, California is known for its tech industry and software development. Agreements can be tricky when digital or intellectual property is involved, with some people falling into traps. Churches and nonprofit entities also benefit from contract preparation, with some being able to claim tax exempt status. Traditional business can also benefit from proper contract preparation that will reduce legal disputes and complications down the road.

Franchise owners face unique challenges due to licensing agreements. Our attorneys can help you negotiate your contract so there are no road blocks to your business. We have helped investors and developers of commercial real estate expedite their deals. Furthermore, our attorneys have helped people of almost every profession. Construction contractors, suppliers, doctors, dentists, financial advisors, and engineers can all benefit from a professionally prepared contract. We can help you identify risks in your agreement to avoid a lengthy and expensive proceeding in the future.

How Do I Prepare a Business Contract?

There are many elements that are required for a contract to be enforceable in court. In general, the language must be clear. Both parties must agree on the terms of the contract. This usually involves a meeting between the parties to discuss what would be beneficial for everyone. After the agreement is verbalized, a contract is written that puts responsibilities and expectations into writing. Finally, the contract must be complete, with answers to any “what if” scenarios that could arise.

Our law firm focuses on making sure all terms in your contract are clearly defined. Most contract disputes originate from missing definitions or incomplete or ambiguous phrasing. For example, an unclear definition of petty cash or overhead (expenses for operations) can lead to a lawsuit. In real estate, property value could be estimated against your best interests, causing a dispute later. By clarifying responsibilities, you can remove the riskiest parts of any contract: assumptions. It is always better to clarify your business contract or agreement to avoid costly misunderstandings in the future.

Preparing a Contract? Call Our Modesto Business Contract Lawyers Today

Preparing to draft a contract? Concerned about a business contract? Wonder if your real estate contract does not adequately represent your best interests? When a contract is breached, it can be financially costly and time consuming. The foundation of your business, real estate asset, or investment relies on contracts. A properly drafted contract will protect the rights of all parties involved and keep businesses running. No matter the state of your contract, we are prepared to fight to protect your rights.

The Modesto business contract lawyers at Arata, Swingle, Van Egmond & Heitlinger are committed to your success. The earlier you call our firm, the better it is for your business down the road. We are trusted by business owners in Stanislaus County and surrounding areas. If you have any uncertainty about the state of your contract, then we can help. Call us today at 209-522-22211 or contact us through our website. Our attorneys can review the state of your contract and let you know how we can help.