Are You Wondering What to Do After Sexual Harassment?

Our Modesto Sexual Harassment Attorney Can Help You File a Strong Claim

No one should experience sexual harassment at work, or anywhere. Unfortunately, sexual harassment in the workplace is not uncommon. These preventable crimes can make it difficult for victims to perform their job duties, or even keep their job. Worse, a hostile work environment can do more damage than just affecting your salary — it can also lead to emotional pain and suffering. If you are the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, it can be hard to know what to do next.  A Modesto sexual harassment attorney can help you through your claim.

At Arata, Swingle, Van Egmond & Heitlinger, we believe in preventing and fighting against sexual harassment. For years, our firm has helped strengthen the claims of individuals who have been sexually harassed. Our success stems from our decades of experience, reliability and compassion. We use every resource available to us in order to scrutinize evidence and build a strong case for our clients. If your employer retaliates against your claims, our firm can protect your best interests. If necessary, we can call on witnesses and bring forth expert witnesses to testify on your behalf. No matter the circumstances of your sexual harassment claim, our firm can help.

When Is Sexual Harassment a Crime in California?

Often times, people ask how sexual harassment is defined. This is because most people do not know when sexual harassment is a crime. These are important questions because identifying sexual harassment is paramount to preventing it. To help this, there are inappropriate activities that the Equal Opportunity Commission has defined as illegal. These guidelines can be used to determine what behavior is and is not considered a crime.

Some of the most common behavior that can constitute a sexual harassment claim involves:

  • Physical Touching: Any unwanted touching, assault or unwanted physical interference in the workplace is unlawful. A coworker physically interacting with another employee is generally inappropriate and can be considered a form of sexual harassment.
  • Unwanted Advances: Unwanted sexual advances are a serious offense. In some cases, an employer may offer benefits, such as a promotion or extra vacation time, in order to coerce you into accepting their advances.
  • Inappropriate Jokes: Verbal sexual harassment is another form of harassment. An employee can create a hostile work environment when he or she makes racial slurs, sexist jokes or other derogatory comments and can be held accountable should an employee bring suit against him or her.
  • Displaying Harassing Content: Inappropriate cartoon strips, drawings, posters and other content that portrays women sexually is inappropriate in the workplace. As a rule, offensive visual harassment can contribute to a hostile work environment.

Should I File a Sexual Harassment Report?

The first thing to do about sexual harassment in the workplace is to directly ask the harasser to stop. Then, review your employer’s internal policies regarding reporting harassment and ensure that you follow those procedures. Afterward, put your complaint in writing and ensure that you send it to an HR representative, or to your employer if the business does not have an HR department. A report of the misconduct can help you establish evidence in your claim. If the harassment continues, it is recommended that you contact a Modesto sexual harassment attorney. Inform every relevant person involved in your workplace, or who knows the individual, of his or her inappropriate conduct.

Ultimately, collecting information will be key to a favorable outcome. The more documentation you have of the sexual harassment, the more likely you will have a strong and successful harassment claim. Include any relevant emails, letters and/or photos of offensive material. In addition, locate other witnesses and get their information. One of our experienced attorneys can use these witnesses to strengthen your claim. However, if there is no hard evidence, attempt to document as many details as you can about the situation. For example, time, date, frequency, location, who may have witnessed the sexual harassment and how your company or a party responds are important details to note.

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Have you been sexually harassed at your job and fear retaliation if you speak up? Do you have questions about your employee rights or how to report your sexual harassment claim? Should your complaints fail to produce results, your only other option is legal recourse. Without one of our experienced attorneys by your side, you can face unethical actions from another party. Our firm believes that no one should have limits to his or her freedom because of the actions of another.

Arata, Swingle, Van Egmond & Heitlinger can help you take the appropriate steps when filing a sexual harassment claim. Additionally, our firm can connect you with help you might need. Our law firm will use every resource available to establish your side of the story. Contact us online or call (209)522-2211 now to schedule a free and confidential consultation.