Considering Construction Litigation?

  • Are you a carpenter, tile-layer, construction worker who is self employed or the owner of a small construction business facing a difficult legal challenge?
  • Have you been wrongfully accused of shoddy workmanship or a defect in construction?
  • Has payment been withheld in violation of your contract?
  • Are you concerned about how you will protect your rights?

We understand what you are going through. We know the uncertainty and stress you may be facing. And we are here to help. We are the law office of Arata, Swingle, Van Egmond & Heitlinger, and we have been successful in the past in obtaining favorable results on behalf of our clients accused of shoddy workmanship and the like. Count on our firm for swift, responsive care.

Our firm recently represented a subcontractor who was included in a lawsuit filed by twenty homeowners along with every other subcontractor who ever touched their homes. Our client was one of the few able to obtain a positive result.

Persistent, Determined, Thorough

Our persistence, determination, thorough investigation and knowledge of the law are of enormous help to our construction clients. We are tireless advocates on behalf of our small business construction clients.

Cost-Effective And Well Recommended

Our lawyers have an extensive understanding of the rules and regulations in this specialized area of construction law, and our clients know it. Many are word-of-mouth clients, who have heard that we can help defend their rights in a cost-effective, caring and resolute manner.

We represent clients in construction litigation relating to:

  • Carpet laying
  • Paint jobs
  • Flooring
  • Concrete pouring
  • Water damage
  • Landscape issues
  • Electrical issues

We are the California construction litigation firm to call when you need experienced, focused and well-reasoned advocacy from determined, professional attorneys. To talk about your specific legal concerns, please call (209) 522-2211 or e-mail.