Experienced Commercial Insurance Defense Lawyers in Modesto, CA

In legal matters involving insurance law and premises liability, experience counts. At the law office of Arata, Swingle, Van Egmond & Heitlinger, our attorneys bring a combined 60-plus years of experience to each individual insurance defense case. We have extensive understanding of premises liability law and California insurance law, and know how to investigate, analyze, draw upon experts as needed and build strong insurance defense cases. We represent insurance companies and their policyholders in matters of commercial premises liability defense.

Our goal in every legal matter is to seek to resolve a commercial premises liability defense claim as efficiently and resolutely as possible while fully protecting our clients’ interests. Our work is meticulous, well prepared, well reasoned. These qualities allow us to streamline processes, which saves our clients time and money.

Whether you are small store owner facing a slip and fall accident claim, an agribusiness owner facing a work-injury accident claim, a commercial building owner facing a claim from a commercial tenant or you are an insurer representing a multinational retail store chain in a slip and fall accident, you may rely on our seasoned, smart and resolute protection of your interests.

We represent the insured, municipal entities and insurance companies in defense matters involving:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Trip and fall accidents
  • Hazardous condition accidents
  • Third party liability accidents
  • Personal injury accidents

Small Firm. Personalized, Cost-Effective Service.

Our law firm is small by design. Our attorneys trained at well-respected regional and national firms. We believe that the personalized, cost-effective service we can provide to each individual client is a better way for us to help our clients and allow us the satisfaction of taking pride in our work and making a difference
To learn more about how our focused, well-reasoned advocacy on behalf of insurance companies can benefit you, please call our trial lawyers (209) 522-2211. You may also e-mail.