Facing Insurance Claims?

Modesto Insurance Defense Attorney Can Bolster Your Defense

Modesto Insurance Defense Attorney helps with claimsInsurance companies and self-insured businesses usually deal with a large number of claims at any given time. Since this is the case, it is inevitable that one of these claims will eventually become a problem. Just one policyholder making a bad faith insurance claim can result in costly litigation for your company. Furthermore, insurance defense law can be difficult to navigate at both state and federal levels. When a case goes wrong, our Modesto insurance defense attorney can help protect your best interests and mitigate the risk to your company.

At Arata, Swingle, Van Egmond & Heitlinger, we know what it takes to defend insurance companies from claims. Our Modesto insurance defense law firm defends the interests of regional and national insurance companies. For decades, we have analyzed and investigated claims. Ultimately, our goal is to scrutinize evidence and resolve your dispute as quickly and favorably as possible. Our attorneys believe in fully protecting our insurance company clients’ bottom line. No matter the size of your company or complexity of a claim, we have the experience to help.

When Do I Need an Insurance Defense Lawyer?

The goal of any insurance company is to provide services for individuals, businesses and other entities. However, you also have an obligation to protect yourself, shareholders and employees. Unfortunately, it can be easy and is all too common for companies to falter when unforeseen disputes arise. As soon as you have a settlement challenged or other legal issue, contact a Modesto insurance defense attorney. The sooner you contact an attorney, the quicker you can have a team help strengthen your defense. Our firm has over 100 combined years of experience representing insurers with disputes involving:

  • Premises Liability: The most common premises liability claim involves slip and fall injuries. Restaurants and other companies routinely deal with these issues.
  • Medical Malpractice: Claims involving medical negligence can last years and involve expensive litigation. Especially if they involve a wrongful death. However, our attorneys can work to resolve your case efficiently, saving you time and money.
  • Work Injury Accidents: An employer being accused of negligence can have a big impact on an insurance claim. For this reason, our Modesto insurance defense attorney scrutinizes evidence to highlight facts that support your initial settlement offer.
  • Accident Injury Claims: Usually, California personal injury claims involve motor vehicle accidents. Any light rail, truck, boat or car accident can involve a substantial payout to the insurer. Our Modesto lawyers can analyze reports and scrutinize who is at fault.

How Can a California Insurance Defense Attorney Help?

Not every insurance company is fully prepared for some claims. For instance, some insurance companies retain their own in-house lawyers. Unfortunately, not every insurer has this luxury. Since this is the case, a careful analysis of your insurance policies and procedures can resolve disputes before they occur. Our Modesto insurance defense attorney can quickly and accurately analyze issues and risks. Afterward, our firm can use this information to create a personalized legal strategy catering to your unique needs.

The vast majority of our insurance clients are referred to us by past and current satisfied clients. They rely on us because our insurance defense lawyers have a combined 100-plus years of experience returning results. We have an extensive understanding and stay abreast of ever-evolving insurance law and California personal injury law. In addition, we stay focused by teaching seminars and educating our colleagues on California insurance law. Not only do we stay current on insurance issues, but also contribute. A recently-published opinion of a California insurance defense case we handled is now being cited to help other lawyers.

Need Insurance Defense Representation? Contact Our Firm for a Consultation

Do you believe you are facing an unsubstantiated insurance claim? Need help protecting your company, employees and best interests? Even one policyholder can cause substantial difficulty. Unfortunately, without a legal professional, you can face lengthy and costly litigation and/or negotiations with some insureds. Not only can our firm help resolve your issue, but also prevent future disputes. Our success stems from our reliable defense strategies based on years of experience.

At Arata, Swingle, Van Egmond & Heitlinger, we have experience handling insurance claims. Ultimately, our goal is to resolve the claim for a minimum legitimate dollar value. Our work is well documented, thoroughly investigated and cost-effective. We have worked hard to develop a strong reputation within the insurance community. In addition, we are noted for our advocacy on behalf of our clients and our tireless commitment to their causes. To schedule a consultation, contact our California trial lawyers online or at (209) 522-2211.