Industrial Accident?

A Modesto Industrial Accident Lawyer Can Help

A critical component fails on an industrial press. A fire breaks out in the electrical unit of an industrial oven. A shelf of heavy product or materials collapses. Caustic industrial chemicals spill. At any given moment, a factory worker can face serious injury or death in an industrial accident. In most cases, workers’ compensation benefits will cover the cost of medical care and some loss of wages, but the cash benefits are rarely enough to cover the full extent of financial damages over a lifetime. You know you deserve more. But what options do you have?

At Arata, Swingle, Van Egmond & Heitlinger, we are ready to help you fight for the full and fair compensation you deserve for your workplace injuries. We are not a workers’ compensation law firm. We represent injured workers who have claims against ‘third parties’ who may be held liable for the accident. That means we help you fight for damages from the manufacturer of a dangerous or defective product, the building owner who failed to maintain the property safely, and even subcontractors or co-workers whose negligence or misconduct caused the accident.

Our personal injury attorneys work with your workers’ compensation lawyer to help you obtain the full and fair compensation you and your family needs following a work injury.

California Factory Accident Attorney

We have experience representing injured workers in third-party industrial accident injury claims such as:

  • Injuries caused by defective hoists, conveyors and material cranes
  • Injuries from dangerous punch press and manufacturing equipment
  • Burn injuries from refinery fires, industrial ovens and heating units
  • Injuries resulting from forklift accidents
  • Injuries from falling materials and equipment
  • Weld tank, air compressor and gas tank explosions
  • Injuries from contact with dangerous industrial chemicals
  • Injuries from all types of industrial accidents

What Is a Third-Party Claim?

Under California law, injured factory workers collecting workers’ compensation benefits are typically not entitled to seek further compensation from their employer. However, if the industrial worker can show that another party, besides the employer, was responsible for the job site accident and extent of injuries, he or she may sue for additional money damages for the full extent of the medical care, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. A third-party lawsuit is often the only way an injured worker and his or her family can recover the full extent of financial damages. Our Modesto industrial accident attorneys provide legal advice and representation for clients throughout the Central Valley region and Northern California. Call us at (209) 522-2211 or contact us by e-mail to arrange an initial consultation with an experienced Modesto industrial accident lawyer today.